Post Guidelines for Creating High-Quality Videos, Reels, and Stories

Welcome to the creative team! To ensure that all videos, reels, and stories align with our high standards and brand identity, please follow these guidelines closely when creating your content:

1. Video Quality
  • Resolution: Videos should be filmed in HD (at least 1080p), but 4K is preferred if possible. Ensure your camera settings are adjusted for high resolution.
  • Stability: Use a tripod or a steady hand to avoid shaky footage. Consider using a gimbal for dynamic and moving shots.
  • Lighting: Natural light works best. If filming indoors, ensure the area is well-lit with soft, even lighting to avoid harsh shadows.

2. Audio Quality

  • Clear Sound: Use a good-quality microphone. Avoid background noise and wind interference. External mics are recommended for clearer audio.
  • Consistency: Maintain consistent sound levels throughout your video. Use audio editing tools to balance the sound where necessary.

3. Aesthetic and Composition

  • Framing and Composition: Use the rule of thirds for a pleasing composition. Keep the subject centered and the background uncluttered.
  • Branding: Incorporate brand colors, logos, and themes subtly yet consistently to reinforce brand identity.
  • Style Consistency: Stick to a consistent style and tone that reflects the brand’s ethos and appeals to the target audience.

4. Content Relevance

  • Target Audience: Tailor your content to resonate with the target demographic. Include calls to action that are clear and compelling.
  • Value Proposition: Each post should add value—whether it’s educational, entertaining, or inspiring. The content should always align with the brand’s message and goals.

5. Editing

  • Professional Editing: Use professional editing tools to enhance video quality. Avoid overusing effects that can detract from the main message.
  • Transitions: Ensure transitions are smooth and enhance the viewing experience. Avoid abrupt cuts unless stylistically relevant.

6. Duration

  • Appropriate Length: Keep videos concise and engaging. Ideal lengths—Stories: up to 15 seconds; Reels: 15-30 seconds; Videos: 5-10 minutes.

7. Accessibility

  • Subtitles and Captions: Include subtitles for accessibility. Ensure they are synchronized and easy to read (Optional).
  • Descriptive Visual Elements: Use descriptive text and alt text to explain visual elements for visually impaired viewers.
  • Copyrighted Material: Do not use copyrighted music, images, or video clips without permission. Always credit original creators and adhere to fair use guidelines.
  • Release Forms: Obtain all necessary release forms for any recognizable persons in your footage to avoid legal issues.

9. Payment and Scoring

  • Scoring System: Submissions will be evaluated based on a scoring system from 1 to 5. Scores will be assigned based on adherence to these guidelines, overall quality, and impact of the content.
  • Payment Scale:
    • Score of 5: Full payment of $150.00
    • Score of 4: $120.00
    • Score of 3: $90.00
    • Score of 2: $50.00
    • Score of 1: $25.00
  • Payment Timing: Payment will be made immediately based on the score your submission receives. This motivates high-quality submissions and rewards top co-creators. Consistent Top co-creators will be awarded higher payments for their submissions.

By adhering to these guidelines, you will help maintain the quality and consistency of our visual content, ensuring it meets the high standards our audience expects. Thank you for your creativity and dedication to excellence!

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